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We are the "minds" behind Mindful Luxury. Along with 30 years of her own beauty industry experience, Founder Kayla Childress has carefully selected team members who are successful professionals in their own respective fields. Together, we help Mindful Luxury clients harness today's ever-evolving technology and trends to become industry leaders.

Kathy Gruttauria

NE Sales Manager

Throughout Kathy's 2 decade career, she has had experience in "all things beauty & wellness" emphasizing sales, territory management, product and staff training, marketing, planning, and executing conferences and events. Kathy will use these proven skill sets to work closely with her Northeast Mindful Luxury clients toward mutual growth and profitability! And to be sure to enjoy the journey along the way!


Katie Childress

Rockstar Intern'ess

Katie has always been interested in involving herself in the world of beauty and entrepreneurship. Throughout the years, she's been closely tied with Mindful Luxury, along with expanding her knowledge of clean beauty. Creating an environment in which everyone feels their most beautiful has always been a goal of hers and she's grateful to be a part of a company whose mission is to do just that.

Kayla Childress
Founder, World Changer

After years of rising through several of the largest companies in the beauty industry, Kayla launched Mindful Luxury to put her executive leadership talents to work for her clients. Now, Kayla gives emerging brands a path toward broader success, and in turn, she exposes her spa clients to exciting and enriching products that delight their customers, plus keen expert insight that help their business grow. 

Amy Humbracht

Director of Happiness

For two decades, Amy has worked in beauty retail with roles from advisor to account executive. She seeks out and develops amazing opportunities with promising brands and spa/resort prospects. Working with Mindful Luxury gives Amy the opportunity to fulfill her passion of helping women feel good about themselves and thrive as entrepreneurs in a highly-competitive industry! 

Ayesha Sultan

Digital Guru

The internet is one of Ayesha's greatest passions because of the stories that can be told through digital marketing. She love's helping spread brand awareness and connecting with different types of audiences from around the world. She has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing - all the way from creating graphics, videos, websites, presentations, social media ads, and everything under the digital marketing sun.

Cheryl Short

 Purse Strings Keeper

Cheryl keeps Mindful Luxury's financials humming along with more than 25 years of bookkeeping experience. Along with being a team lead at Consistent Results, she's also served as a Senior Tax Accountant for a CPA firm. Cheryl is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, a Certified Professional Bookkeeper and a Tax Planning Professional. Now, she leverages those certifications (and number-crunching prowess) to give our clients the financial blueprint they need to be successful.

Another way our team strives to make the world more beautiful is through our commitment to our local homeless and in-need community through the not-for-profit foundation we began in honor of Grace, our founders' daughter.

Kayla works diligently to establish a meaningful partnership and provide consistent support and training to maximize the effectiveness of the product and services to her clients’ operations.

Kayla creates positive and profitable relationships by combining  authentic care and compassion for her clients and their unique needs with business savvy strategies.

Deborah J Waldvogel

Director of Spa Development & Operations,

Sedona Resorts

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